Author: Tiffany Bentley

Undue Influence – The Basics

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Editors’ Note: Starting in March, Beyond the Will will focus on one broad topic each month. Each week, a different author will post a new insight on the matter. Our posts in March will investigate the grounds for challenging a

Welcome back to Beyond the Will! We hope you’ve been enjoying our posts as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them since launching the blog just a few months ago. We’re going to change things up a bit starting this month, …

Learning from Famous Mistakes: Part 3 – Oral Promises

Tiffany B. - Part 3 ScreenshotPop culture periodicals have been telling us for years that celebrities are “just like us” – they go grocery shopping, they drive their kids to school, they walk their dogs. This holds just as true in the Probate world as …

Welcome to Beyond the Will


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Beyond the Will! We are “beyond” excited to launch this new blog, focused on all things probate-related. With four regular contributors and guest posts as well, we will be offering tips and tidbits as to …